ON Magazine

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Published on Mar 10, 2017 for JPS 

ON Magazine is the Lifestyle Magazine Powered by JPS! This year's issue is a true Collector's Edition filled with great stories from amazing women in Jamaica including covergirl-JPS President & CEO, Kelly Tomblin who shares words of advice and wisdom. Other great reads include: 5 Ways To Be On Purpose by Krystal Tomlinson; Sisterhood: Sweetness For Your Soul by Ruthlyn Johnson; 10 Tips For Keeping Fit & Healthy by Kamila McDonald and so much more. Do Enjoy!

ON Magazine 2017 was produced by PANACHE by an 18-member team including:

Project Manager & Creative Director:Tricia Williamson
Photography Director: Craig Harley
Design & Layout Artist: Oneil Banton
Lead Writer: Marshelle Haseley
Lead Makeup Artist: Rasine Hamilton