Women In Energy 2017 Conference

Women in Energy 2017 Conference was held March 9-10, 2017 at the Jamaica Pegasus in Kingston with over 400 attendees from Jamaica, the Caribbean and North America. PANACHE managed the pre-conference and conference social media. The primary channel was Facebook: www.facebook.com/womeninenergyja/ and secondary channels  Instagram: www.instagram.com/womeninenergyja/ and Twitter: www.twitter.com/jawomeninenergy.

  • Project Manager/ Conference Digital Media Manager: Tricia Williamson
  • Social Media Executive: Chantel Bailey
  • Graphic Designer: Oneil Banton
  • Videographer (Livestream by Mevo):  Randy Randall
  • Photography: ARRC


Through a dedicated team consisting of our social media strategist, content creators and account manager. Services included:

  • Content Strategy + Plan Development
  • Engagement & Awareness
  • Community Building & Network Growth
  • Reputation Management
  • Analytics
  • Posting unexpected Tweets.
  • Giving a glimpse into what goes into planning WIE
  • Posting beautiful content.Behind the scenes action at WIE
  • Posting everyday content.
  • Sticking to a narrative that is truly WIE.
  • Giveaways to WIE 2017
Branded Content- Facebook covers changed throughout the conference featuring patrons and speakers,

Branded Content- Facebook covers changed throughout the conference featuring patrons and speakers,

WIE SM Report- Two Months Before Conference

  • Actions on Page were up 1,400% 
  • Page views were up 237%
  • Page Likes are up 315% (1,712 new members added) 
  • 10,563 persons on WIE Facebook Page (The largest women’s Facebook group in Jamaica) 
  • 81% Women; Age: 24-55 is largest age group 
  • Reach is up 110%, we reached 283,995 persons during the period. 
  • WIE had 41,364 Post Engagements which were up 255%. 
  • Video views totaled 37,998 and are up 272%. 

WIE SM Report- One Month Leading Up To Conference

  • Over 2,000 new members were added to the network in the week leading up to the conference.
  • 12,500 persons on the Facebook Page (The largest women’s Facebook groups in Jamaica)
  • WIE reached ~350,000 persons during the period. 
  • WIE had 60,000 Post Engagements which are up 255%.
  • Video views increased from 37,998 views to 76,000 views. 

During the conference our team offered live photography, live updates, branded content and livestreaming from start to finish.

WIE over the conference days was the number 1 trending hashtag for Jamaica and was celebrated across the Caribbean as one of the best social media executions for a conference.

Livestreaming for Women In Energy Conference 2017 powered by PANACHE

Video views ranged from 3,000 to 17,000 per video. Viewership watched the conference live from Jamaica to California to London. Engagement was 98% positive with fans very appreciative of the live feed.